Beach Babe Boxed Set

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On The Go Summer Essentials

Pressed Shimmer - A highlighting powder to illuminate your best features. Ultra reflective, luminescent pearls that amplify skin's natural radiance. A creamy powder that feels and applies like silk.

Sheer Glo - Illuminating lotion.A flawless, radiant, glow gettimg lotion, long losting, non-transferable, stay put formula. Apply to high points on the face or decolletage. Like Icing A Cake!

Icing Sugar - High shine and shimmer, dust on to highlight points of the face and the body for that extra glow. Use on the bridge of the nose, under brow bone and tops of cheekbone for definition and a pop of color.



  • Pressed Shimmer - Peach Bellini
  • Sheer Glo - Fake it
  • Icing Sugar - Nightingale

Champagne On Ice

  • Pressed Shimmer - Moulah
  • Sheer Glo - Paradise
  • Icing Sugar - Nightingale

Flip Flop

  • Pressed Shimmer - Elegance
  • Sheer Glo - Movie Star
  • Icing Sugar - Nightingale 

Beach Please

  • Pressed Shimmer - Gold Plated
  • Sheer Glo - Bronze
  • Icing Sugar - Nightingale

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